The 40 best free Android games for your phone or tablet

There are hundreds of great games available for Android, and many of them cost nothing. Whether ad-supported or based on a “freemium” model, these titles are free and guaranteed to make your daily commute a little less painful.

To help you find the kind of thing you are looking for, we have grouped the games into sections, so that you can quickly get the best platform games, endless runners, arcade games, shooters, puzzles, strategy games, adventures, runners, and titles. sports.

If you can’t find something you like in that whole lot, you must hate gaming. In which case, this is a strange article for you to read.

This continuation of our previous favorite Android platformer giveaway somehow manages to improve on its predecessor. You get that classic platforming smell, leading a band of moggies through brightly colored stages. They jump, grab jewelry, avoid nasty enemies, and occasionally glide down walls with that look that cats bite off more than they can chew.

The controls are excellent – you only need two thumbs to run (tap twice), jump (jump off a platform), and wall jump (tap in the opposite direction). It’s so good that you’ll want to summarily ban all virtual D-pads. But the game itself is even better, with cleverly designed levels and surprising moments galore. (Suffice to say, Stuff will never let the office cat get anywhere near a tank again, just in case.)

Before all games had to be 3D by law, 2D adventure platformers reigned supreme. You’d drift through a vibrant world with a suspicious number of floating platforms, catch jewels, and occasionally kick daylight at monsters foolish enough to get in your way.

On touchscreens, these games tend to be a bit garbage, due to dubious design and even worse controls, but Swordigo bucks the trend. You get a huge magical kingdom of monsters to fight, treasures to find, and towns to explore. Any whiff of nostalgia is quickly erased as you become engrossed in the plot, kick the giant spiders, and do your best Harry Potter impression with the help of spells that disturb the enemy.

This is a love letter to 80s arcade games like Bubble Bobble. Having been locked in a dungeon, the titular, heroic wizard promises to kick the bad guys, which means climbing the tower, annoying anyone along the way.

But instead of the traditional move/jump shoot controls, Drop Wizard Tower is an auto-runner and auto blaster. Your speed mage can simply be told to go left or right, and cast magic when he lands.

At first this is disorienting, but you soon realize that it is a smart and optimized control method for touchscreens, and it brings freshness to these types of games. Something a little different than what you would expect then, but still worthy enough to stand shoulder to shoulder with the games that inspired it.

This deceptively simple platformer strips off the genre again, putting a firm emphasis on levels of learning, time, and exploration. Your bouncing bean never stops bouncing, and it just guides you left or right. The usual tropes of platform games are obvious: monsters to jump on; fruits and gems to collect.

But Bean Dreams cleverly adds replay value through missions that can’t be completed in a single run: stick to a bounce count; find axolotls hidden as pets; and pick up all the fruit. What at first seems simple and reductive is actually quite a challenge, but the straightforward controls are perfect for touchscreens, rather than spending most of your time battling a gruesome virtual D-pad.

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