Rare E3 Nintendo e-Reader Card is Selling for Thousands of Dollars

An extremely rare Kirby card for Nintendo Game Boy Advance e-Reader is up for sale for thousands. It supposedly came from the 2002 E3 convention.

These days, it’s not uncommon for people to stumble upon rare games or gaming paraphilia. In the past, they would be just another item for sale. But these days, they are worth a lot of money. Recent developments have seen a significant increase in their value. A sealed copy of The Legend of Zelda was sold at auction for $870,000. Someone has now created a potentially valuable record in an attempt to beat it.NintendoeBay has an e-Reader Card for Sale

This Nintendo item is a rare find from the 2002 E3 convention. It’s a first-place card with Kirby on it that is compatible with the now-defunct eReader machine. These prize cards were given out at E3 to promote the new device. Although the winning cards were supposed be destroyed, one of them seems to have slipped through and ended up on the site, where it is currently at $6,500, as this article goes live.

The e-Reader was an attachment for the Nintendo Game Boy Advance. This handheld console was released in 2001. It was a successor of the Game Boy Color. Attached to the GBA console, the e-Reader had a scanner. Cards with data could be purchased. They could be used to unlock secret items or additional content in a game by being swiped.

recently banned the sale of adult games via its eBay auctions. There have been 25 bids. However, caution is advised as the Kirby card’s authenticity has not yet been verified. The seller of the item posted both a photo and a video showing them actually inserting the card into the reader. The short clip shows that the card is swiped into the reader and the message that they are winners, complete with fanfare-Esque winning music. This suggests that this may be true.

The Nintendo e-Reader was discontinued in the US in 2004 and Japan in 2008. Additionally, the prize card was given at an event that was quite exclusive at the time. This could indicate that the seller may have been onto something special. Similar to their N64 development kit This e-Reader Card, which was recently discovered, shows how many their are Nintendo There are many devices and add-ons that have increased in value over time.

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