Rare E3 Nintendo e-Reader Card is Selling for Thousands of Dollars

An extremely rare Kirby card for Nintendo Game Boy Advance e-Reader is up for sale for thousands. It supposedly came from the 2002 E3 convention.

It’s not unusual for people to stumble upon bizarre games or gaming paraphilia these days. They were once just another thing to sell. They are now worth a lot. Recent developments have led to a substantial increase in the value of these books. Auctioneers paid $870,000 for a sealed copy of The Legend of Zelda. In an effort to surpass it, someone has created a potentially important record. NintendoeBay offers an e-Reader card on sale

This Nintendo item was a rare find at the 2002 E3 convention. This is a Kirby first place card that can be used with the now obsolete eReader machine. These cards were distributed at E3 in the promotion of the new device. Although the winning cards were meant to be destroyed one card appears to have slipped through and ended up on the site. It currently stands at $6,500 as of this writing.

The e-Reader was an accessory to the Nintendo Game Boy Advance. The handheld console was first released in 2001. This handheld console was the successor of the Game Boy Color. The e-Reader was attached to the GBA console and had a scanner. You can purchase data cards. These cards can be used to unlock hidden items or other content in a game.

Recently, eBay banned adult games from being sold through its auctions. 25 offers have been received. The authenticity of the Kirby cards has not been verified so be cautious. The seller posted a video and photo showing how they inserted the card into their reader. This short video shows the card being swiped into a reader. The message states that the winner is the seller. This may indicate that it is true.

The Nintendo e-Reader was discontinued in the US in 2004 and in Japan in 2008. Additionally, the prize card was given at an event that was quite exclusive at the time. This could indicate that the seller may have been onto something special. Similar to their N64 development kit This e-Reader Card, which was recently discovered, shows how many their are Nintendo There are many devices and add-ons that have increased in value over time.

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