The fans of the team will be able to purchase food or drinks as well as tickets using bitcoins at Oxford City stadium and CoinCorner will be a long-term sponsor.

The English Oxford City Football Club will accept bitcoin for payment at its raw loading stadium. CoinCorner joined forces with the club’s football team through a multi-year contract.

CoinCorner will also serve as the jersey’s back sponsor, and will permit Oxford to signify its Bolt Card that is Lightning-enabled. Oxford City Football Club, an English-based league in the sixth tier is partnering with CoinCorner to accept bitcoin as a payment method, according to an announcement sent via Bitcoin Magazine. The fans of the team can spend bitcoins on tickets along with drinks and food, and will support CoinConer’s newly launched Bolt Card, a Lightning Network-enabled NFC card.

“It’s exciting to see the club become the first adopter of bitcoin payments in the National League,” CoinCorner CEO Danny Scott said. “We believe that this move will be the beginning of a new trend in both league and non-league football leagues as bitcoin is now the new norm for fans of sports and event people throughout the UK. United”.

In addition, to commemorate the new partnership, CoinCorner is offering a limited edition of Oxford City FC branded Bolt cards that are available at the club’s shop. Additionally, CoinCorner will also be the back of the club’s shirt’s as a sponsor. Additionally, CoinCorner will serve as matchday sponsor for Oxford’s Vanarama National League South vs. Eastbourne Borough at RAW Charging Stadium on Saturday on August 6.

“Embracing the latest technologies and innovations to ensure Oxford City FC can continue to operate as a self-sufficient club is a key part of our long-term goals,” said Justin Merritt, Oxford City FC Director of Football. Innovative technologies and methods to ensure that Oxford City FC can continue to be self-sufficient is an essential aspect of our long-term objectives.”

An Bitcoin symbol will be featured on both jerseys for home and away, and the partnership is a multi-year agreement.

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