Hilarious Red Dead Redemption 2 Bug Sees Arthur Trapped In a Barrel

Red Dead Redemption 2 player Arthur Morgan discovers an unusual bug that traps him inside a barrel.

Rockstar Games titles have a long history of producing hilarious bugs. Red Dead Redemption 2 Over the three years that have passed since its release, the game has been subject to many strange and bizarre glitches. There have been many ways that fans have broken the rules, either intentionally or not. Red Dead Redemption 2 The hugely popular open-world Western is constantly evolving and new quirks are being discovered by players.

Rockstar’s open-world games are not immune to bugs. These bugs can cause problems in the game’s physics or even make it impossible to recreate the Undead Nightmare expansion. __S.9__ A player discovered an unusual bug that gave Arthur Morgan, the game’s protagonist, a new look.

Reddit user rararapsutin was enjoying the game when they discovered this bug while fast-traveling to Valentine. The player discovered that Arthur’s top was trapped in a barrel when they arrived at Valentine’s. The game allows fans to imitate a variety of characters including a cowboy Patrick Star and a cowboy Patrick Star. But this rugged outlaw look looks straight out of Scooby-Doo.

Despite Arthur’s unusual wardrobe malfunction, the game continues to work as intended. Arthur’s top half was still visible from his wooden shell. The post’s video shows that the player continues to control the game, with Arthur being able to shoot his guns and ride horses while wearing the wooden overcoat. In the title of the post, the player states that Arthur had to be freed from his wooden prison cell. Red Dead Redemption 2 has had bugs like this that affect the appearance of players. Recently, a glitch was discovered that causes Arthur to wear John Marston’s clothes.

Contrasting with the game’s emotional story beats, the image of Arthur in a barrel-clad running through Valentine is a striking contrast. Many other players enjoy the humorous appearance of Arthur’s new look. Many of the comments suggested that Arthur’s new appearance could be due to Red Dead Redemption 2’s mods.

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