Find and Validate App Ideas: Step-By-Step Guide

If there is no process for the idea’s validation, there’s always the possibility of failing. A concept for an app must meet three different requirements in order to be considered a sure-win. Therefore, let’s review the procedure in more detail.

At first the app concept should be evaluated for the feasibility of the marketplace. You should be able to clearly envision the way your app will function. This means that you need to be clear about the issue the app will address and how it can solve it. Don’t move on to the next stage until you’re 100% certain that your application do exactly what you would like it to accomplish.

The business model should be thoroughly tested. You must determine how you will earn profits and the amount you will be able to spend on marketing, development and other costs. The main goal is to test your concept before investing any substantial amount of money. This is the reason why many entrepreneurs begin by creating the initial prototype for their ideas. They can then test their business idea and the product prior to having to invest too much money in the development process.

The third and last test is to determine if the target market truly enjoys the concept of your product. You must take a survey prior to beginning the entire design process to discover.

The belief is that identifying your intended audience and proving your concept will save the time as well as money. However, it is only effective only if you can prove your concept. Many people aren’t aware of what validation is.

Steps to Validate Mobile App Development Ideas

In their minds they believe that validation is getting some of their acquaintances to provide them with comments on ideas for apps. They are, however, seeking validation from the wrong sources. They have to decide whether their idea for an app will attract the right people.

#1 Confirm that there are enough users who could benefit from it.

Before you begin creating your application and writing the code it is important to ensure that there are sufficient possible users to download your app and that they’ll be keen to download the finished product. If not it is time to alter your concept or search for another market.

#2 Testing is among the most effective ways to test the concept of your app.

You can employ a variety of strategies to gauge the interest of your intended audience, such as asking them directly, and using tools such as Google Analytics. Tests can also help you figure out if your concept is worthwhile to pursue. If you try it out and discover that there’s not enough customers for your app then you need to either alter your concept or look for an alternative market.

There are many ways to test the idea of an app such as surveys, interviews, focus groups and so on. A survey of your own can help you determine the likelihood that people will be interested in using the app to fulfill a certain goal. For instance, if you are planning to develop an app that helps you find those who would like to get married, visit a handful of bars or restaurants and ask random guests to decide if they would want to use and download the application.

Designing and Launching

#3 Consider your audience

The process of creating and launching an app that is successful is a lengthy process which requires a lot of thinking. Knowing your audience’s needs will allow you to determine their needs and allow you to design content that appeals to them and is designed to address the issue.

What can you do with personas of users to promote your business?

– Identify your target audience

– Learn their motivations and objectives

Make use of this information to create efficient marketing strategies

Minimum Viable Product

#4 Prior to developmentconsider “minimum viable product.”

The concept of a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) will ensure that you are able to test your business concept before actually beginning the development. The majority of business ideas don’t need to be transformed into a fully functioning app and in certain situations it’s best to stick with the MVP model to ensure you don’t spend in too much time and money in an idea that isn’t likely to be a success.

The process of creating an app that includes all the features prospective customers will need can require time and effort. time. However, the process of launching an MVP is a way for you to focus on the features essential to test the app. This means that you’ll be able to test your business concept and gather the feedback of users prior to making an actual version of your application.

It’s important to note that some application creators have been recognized for skipping the MVP phase completely this has caused them to waste hours and even money to develop apps that have no reason for it. In some instances the result has been apps being taken off of marketplaces because of a insufficient number of downloads.


#5 Review your App Charts of the Store.

With the increasing number of apps that are made available for App Store users, Apple’s App Store, it is becoming more difficult for consumers to decide which apps are worth spending price. App store charts will help determine whether an app is worth the money:

the top Paid Charts – This chart lists the most downloaded paid apps in the App Store. Take a look at the top applications to determine which ones are the most commonly downloaded by others.

The Top Free Charts – This chart highlights the most popular apps that are free on the App Store. Take a look at the top applications to discover the apps that other users download and use frequently.

Top Grossing Charts This chart lists the top apps that are popular, in order of their gross revenue on the App Store. These charts help find out if an application is worth the investment and is frequently used.

This guideline will help you as a user determine which app is the best for you, no matter if it’s paid or free because it is important to choose an app that provides value for dollars spent.

Test in Market

#6 Examine the fit to the market of your application.

Once a product is released the success of the app is determined by whether it meets the needs of its intended users. The quality that an application has is related to the number and type of its users. Thus, the implementation of an effective marketing strategy to attract more users is crucial. The market fit of a product is difficult to attain.

Whatever innovative your app may be however, it’s not going to be successful when you are unable to find the right users for it. Do not undervalue the value of feedback from users. They can determine your product’s success. You must reach the audience who consider your app to be an integral part to their everyday lives. This will happen only if you have something that is unique beautiful, appealing, and completely different from the existing apps offered on the market.

#7 Analyzing your most important apps from your competition.

Create a list of the key features that competing apps offer. You can then add the names of of your key opponents and write down their distinctive characteristics. It is also possible to finish the task by creating an outline of your mind to write all the aspects.


You could be an excellent software developer with a lot of imagination and technical expertise however this doesn’t mean you’ll succeed in creating an own business app. Startup apps are a challenging business. There are obstacles to be overcome regardless of how impressive the app.

If you’re only beginning your journey then you’ll need to start by learning about fundamental market research. After that, look around and observe the type of problems people face and the solutions available to address these problems.

You want to develop an exceptional application that addresses real issues for a large public. Make sure that your adapting model of the business is able to earn the required revenue to your company.

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