Final Fantasy 7 Fan Decorates Garage With Gorgeous Light-Up Logo

Final Fantasy 7 fan created a stunning 3D printed wall decoration featuring the logo of Final Fantasy 7, with flickering lights, sharp detail, and intricate details.

Final Fantasy 7It is considered to be one of the greatest JRPGs ever made, and by many gamers, it is a contender for the title of the best videogame of all time. One fan now owns the iconic logoFinal Fantasy 7 It was 3D printed and made real.

Over the years, many fans tried to bring the characters of Final Fantasy 7 to life. One fan even used a 3D printer to make polygonal Final Fantasy7 characters in the PS1 design. It may surprise you to know that another fan printed a glowing copy of the Final Fantasy 7 logo and hung it on their wall.

Redditor, redrepic games, has never hung a copy of Final Fantasy 7 of the iconic blue-green meteor logo on their garage wall. The previous one was made using a jigsaw. Drepicgames created Reddit’s 3D-printed version. It features sharp detail and flickering light effects. Drepicgames shared a 24-second video that shows the logo’s light. The logo’s light can be quite magical, even though it doesn’t produce the same adrenaline rush as a real Cloud Buster Sword version.

This article received warm responses. Many users asked for details about the lighting setup, project documentation, or the STL file for the 3D printer. Epic games uploaded the STL file and detailed instructions for how to construct this decoration. Epic games uploaded the STL file and detailed instructions on how to build this decoration for $100. This is significantly less than what another Final Fantasy 7 fan spent buying antique Goodwill merch. However, many other users expressed a desire to have a Final Fantasy logo in their homes.

Some users have shared their plans to create physical logos for Final Fantasy 9 and Final Fantasy 10 logos. Drepicgames offered their views on the projects. Drepicgames shared their opinions on the projects. The Final Fantasy 10 logo should be large enough for Yuna to see. While some fans may be willing to spend time creating a 6-foot Final Fantasy logo, others prefer other media to remember classic moments. One Final Fantasy 7 Remake fan chose to cosplay Wall Market Aerith. Wall Market Aerith is about to strike someone with an armchair.

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